‘Embrace the opportunities’ was the advice from a leading hotelier to Shannon College of Hotel Management graduates

At the 2024 graduation ceremony of the esteemed Shannon College of Hotel Management, distinguished hotelier and Class Patron Aaron Mansworth delivered a powerful message to the graduating class. Encouraging them to ‘remember the lessons learned, cherish the memories made, and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead’, Mansworth shared inspiring stories from his own journey in the hospitality industry.

Mr Mansworth, Managing Director of Trigon Hotels, recounted his experiences working in iconic hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria and Carlyle in New York, urging the graduates to be like sponges and soak up all the knowledge they can along their professional paths.

The graduation ceremony marked another year of 100% graduate employment for Shannon College, a record that has been maintained since 1951. With 97 students graduating, all securing positions in leading Irish and international hotels, the event was a testament to the college’s commitment to excellence in hospitality education.

During the ceremony, scholarships and prizes totalling over €30,000 were awarded, including the prestigious Banfi Scholarship valued at $10,000, jointly awarded to Leah McCarthy Cahill and Paul Collardeau. Rachel O Connel was awarded the Mitzi Corscadden Scholarship , donated to honour the contribution Mitzi has made to the Irish Hotel Industry.

On graduation day , Rachel became the fourth student to receive the Mitzie Corscadden Scholarship. Rachel said ‘Being, the lucky recipient of the Mitzi Corscadden Award this year acknowledges my devotion to the hospitality industry. Throughout my time at Shannon, I’ve consistently embraced opportunities and committed myself wholeheartedly to every task. Receiving an award named after an influential figure in Irish hospitality, particularly for women, is an honour. I’m deeply thankful to the Corscadden family for establishing this scholarship and to the Shannon College staff for their invaluable guidance throughout my journey.’

Rachel also reiterated the sentiment of opportunity and possibility that surrounded this event. ‘The opportunities I’ve encountered over the past four and a half years have surpassed even my wildest dreams.’

These graduates now join a global network of alumni who have achieved remarkable success in the industry.

Addressing the graduating class, head of Shannon College of Hotel Management Adrian Sylver emphasized the graduates’ role as future hospitality leaders, encouraging them to shape their work environments and inspire positive change within the industry.

The graduation ceremony was a testament to the diversity and strong sense of community at Shannon College, with students from around the world coming together to celebrate their achievements and embark on their professional journeys.