Carers Association Launch New Fundraising Initiative – Céilí For Carers

Shannon Chamber would like to bring this national initiative to members’ attention.

The Carers Association  has launched a national fundraising initiative – Céilí For Carers – which takes place on Friday 23rd October and aims to raise much needed funds for Family Carers across Ireland as well as proving to be a fun and healthy event for all who participate.

The aim is to get as many groups as possible around Ireland to hold a Céilí, and the  Carers Association is suggesting a €1 voluntary donation to The Carers Association by anyone taking part in CéilÍ For Carers.

Participants may, if they wish, suggest a €2 voluntary donation and retain 50% of the funds to benefit either a school, community group or an additional charity of their choice.

By way of advance preparation, Riverdance has contributed an excellent step-by-step instructional video for a simple piece of céilÍ dancing, ‘The American Wake’, from their show.

In the middle of the 19th century, due to famine and poverty, many Irish people had no option but to leave their homes and go to America in search of a new life.As it was most likely that they would never return, the friends and relatives who remained at home held “an American wake” for them as in those days emigration was the same as death. However in true Irish style, the grief of separation was usually replaced by the joy of dancing and the wakes became parties.

The Riverdance instructional video along with an audio music file, sheet music (for any interested musicians) and a full briefing will be available free of charge for download by schools, businesses and community groups who register to participate.


Any group interested in holding a  Céilí For Carers can register on-line via the following link:-

This is a unique initiative and we encourage as many groups as possible to host a Céilí on Friday, 23 October.