Call to Community and Voluntary Groups in Clare to apply to Clare Local Area Grant Scheme


Clare County Council has advised Shannon Chamber that the Clare Local Area Grant Scheme 2024 is open for online applications. Please note that Paper applications are no longer accepted for this scheme.


The following is the list of support schemes included within this Scheme:

  1. Support Scheme for Public Realm Initiatives and Amenity Projects (Max Grant €3,000)
  2. Support Scheme for Maintenance of Open Spaces in Private Housing Developments
  3. Support Scheme for Community Playgrounds (Max Grant €3,000)
  4. Support Scheme for Burial Ground Maintenance and Provision (Max Grant €1,000 for Maintenance and €10,000 for provision of extension)
  5. Support Scheme for Christmas Lighting
  6. Support Scheme for the Best Kept Local Authority Estate (Max Grant €500)
  7. Support Scheme for the Arts
  8. Support Scheme for the Irish Language (Max Grant €800)
  9. Support Scheme for Tourism Marketing & Promotion
  10. Support Scheme for Sustainable Tourism
  11. Support Scheme for Community Project Development (Max Grant €5,000) (New for 2024 – Groups must engage with the Rural & Community Development Officer for their area in advance of making an application under this scheme.

The purpose of this Scheme is to encourage and assist community and voluntary groups to take an active part in the development of their communities and to improve the quality of life experience in their areas.  

Who can apply?

Any Community and Voluntary group operating in County Clare may apply. Public sector organisations are not eligible to make an application. The Support Scheme for the Arts is the only scheme open to both groups and individuals. All other support schemes apply to community and voluntary groups only. Groups are encouraged to register with the Clare Public Participation Network (PPN) and be actively involved in the PPN.


Before completing the online application form please read the grant guidelines carefully (available here)

To apply online, simply click the following link


If you are involved in a community or voluntary groups and wishes to undertake specific projects under the relevant categories of the scheme, then you need to apply before the closing date – Friday, 2nd February 2024 at 5:00 p.m.