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Workshops Themes/Dates

Feb 102pm – 4.30pmHow to make a Smartphone videoAileen O’Meara
 6pm – 8.30pm“            “            “              “          ““             “
Feb 172pm – 4.30pmEntrepreneurship & Arts #1Ian Oliver
 Promote Community Arts Network/prep for Finale #2“        “
Feb 202pm – 4.30pmLocal Heritage AuditJohnny Ryan
Feb 256pm – 8.30pmCommunity PlanningChris Chapman
March 22pm – 4.30pmEntrepreneurship & Arts #2Ian Oliver
 6pm – 8.30pmPromote Community Arts Network/prep for Finale #3“        “
March 96pm – 8.30pmCommunity Planning #2Chris Chapman
March 17 (TBC)TBCFinale/Showcase event·         Showcase local talent

·         Convene/illustrate local audit         findings

·         Build capacity for future projects

·         Official Launch Community Website


March 226 – 8.30pmCommunity Planning #3Chris Chapman

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