Attention all SMEs – Check out this funding opportunity!

Shannon Chamber Skillnet is in a position to submit proposals for a share of the additional €11m awarded to the Skillnet Ireland network in 2022 under the EU Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR), designed to help enterprises in Ireland’s post-Brexit economy.

Funding is being directed towards SMEs across four priority areas: SME Digitalisation; SME Innovation; SME Sustainability & Decarbonisation, and SME Leadership Development.

The attached booklet outlines the detailed guidelines for applications under this ‘Revitalising Business: Driving Business Growth in Ireland’s Post-Brexit Economy’ scheme. However, I would like to stress a few key points that you should keep in mind when considering if your firm can propose substantive training or upskilling projects.

The overall objective of this programme is to allocate funding to initiatives that enhance existing talent or develop new staff capabilities in one or more of the following call priority areas:

  • SME Digitalisation: Integration of digital technology within businesses and fundamentally changing the ways firms operate and deliver value to customers.
  • SME Innovation: Facilitating new business and working models, delivery systems, customer engagement tools, learning technologies, R&D, the management of innovation and external collaboration.
  • SME Sustainability and Decarbonisation: Developing the capacity of enterprises to create new, sustainable business models, job types and career pathways, and to integrate existing standards and frameworks that optimize effectiveness and efficiency.
  • SME Leadership Development: Further strengthening the capacity of owners and managers in areas such as planning, finance, talent management, process management and supply chain management.

Shannon Chamber Skillnet last year secured vital additional funding as a result of member firms coming forward with significant and evidence-based proposals for training programmes. I would encourage you to respond to this opportunity in the same positive and imaginative manner.

Take a good look at your workforce and business needs and see if there are practical proposals you can suggest, linked to the four priority areas specified above, that would merit funding support.

We will be delighted to discuss, and help to develop, any viable proposals you may have – contact Helen Downes, email: ; tel: 061 475 854