Appointment of Shannon Group plc CEO to the Aviation Taskforce welcomed by Shannon Chamber Board

The board of Shannon Chamber welcomes the recent announcement that its ex officio president and current board director Mary Considine, CEO of Shannon Group plc has been appointed to the recently established Aviaiton Taskforce.  

“Aviation is such a critical sector for this region’s economy, not only at an airport level but for the entire aviation eco system that comprises the sector in Shannon. Any fall off in airline movements has an associated impact on so many other businesses, not just in aerospace and aviation but in tourism and hospitality.

“While it is accepted that recovery will be slow, it is essential that a realistic plan be put in place to enable these businesses to chart their futures.

“The composition of the Taskforce is strong and with so many variables, known and unknown at play here, the board of Shannon Chamber wish them success in their endeavours to chart a road to recovery for a sector that has been so adversely impacted by the pandemic,” stated Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes.