Almost 3,700 new jobs created in businesses supported by the Local Enterprise Offices in 2016 – Ministers Mitchell O’Connor & Breen

2016 LEO results mark three consecutive years of local jobs growth throughout the country.

21st March 2017

A net total of 3,679 new full and part-time jobs were delivered in 2016 by the 6,846 small businesses from across the country that have been supported by the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs), according to the results of the latest LEO annual jobs survey published today by Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor, T.D.

The results, compiled by Enterprise Ireland, show that overall in 2016 a total of 7,883 new full and part time jobs were created in gross terms amongst LEO supported companies. A total of 40 LEO client companies became eligible for transfer to the Enterprise Ireland portfolio during 2016, representing a further positive outcome of LEO investment and support. The total number of people employed in LEO supported small businesses stood at 34,634 at the end of 2016 according to the survey.

The 31 LEOs nationwide, who are run in partnership by Enterprise Ireland and the Local Authorities, provide a ‘first stop shop’ for enterprise supports and sign-posting to start-ups, micro enterprises and small businesses locally in one easily accessible place.

Commenting on the 2016 LEO results, Mary Mitchell O’Connor, T.D., Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation said “I very much welcome the creation of 3,679 net new jobs in LEO supported  companies during 2016. The LEOs have established themselves as a strong force in job creation in the regions with 10 new jobs created every day on average over the past three years in LEO client companies. That is a remarkable performance and is a clear indication of the strong job creation potential that exists in new start-ups and smaller companies right around the country. It also demonstrates that the supports structure for enterprise development at local level delivered through the LEOs is making a real difference.  I want to pay tribute in particular to the people working in the 31 LEOs for their hard work in supporting their clients.”  

The Minister added, “The LEOs are a key element of the Government focus on driving economic development in the regions. As the first-stop-shop for enterprise development in each Local Authority area, the LEOs are ideally placed to support entrepreneurship and job creation in every county. All micro and small businesses are operating in a challenging environment so I would urge them, and any budding entrepreneurs, to make contact with their LEO to explore the full range of supports on offer.”

Pat Breen, T.D., Minister for Employment and Small Business also welcomed the results and said. “The strong jobs performance by LEO clients last year is extremely welcome and testament to the can-do attitude in entrepreneurs up and down the country. In a challenging external environment at the present time we cannot afford to stand still and we must continue to support our start-ups and micro companies in becoming more competitive and agile. Under the Action Plan for Jobs this year the LEOs will roll out a Lean for Micro programme and new supports aimed at helping micro enterprises respond to emerging pressures such as the challenges posed by Brexit.”

Julie Sinnamon, CEO Enterprise Ireland, commented “Enterprise Ireland’s ambition is to help all regions to grow to the maximum potential based on their strengths and capabilities and the Local Enterprise Offices are vital in delivering on this ambition. In the 3 years since the LEOs were established, more than 10,500 net new jobs have been created by LEO client companies. I am also delighted to see that during 2016, 40 companies progressed from the LEOs into the Enterprise Ireland portfolio, demonstrating their ambition and potential to ‘Build Scale, Expand Reach’ into global markets, the key strategic priority for Enterprise Ireland.”  

“The Enterprise Ireland Centre of Excellence will continue to work closely with the LEOs and our Local Authority partners to ensure a continuation of this strong performance. Local enterprise development is an important activity to cultivate and nurture the next wave of successful indigenous Irish companies. It is important that all local and regional development partners including the LEOs, the enterprise agencies, the Local Authorities, education and training providers, Local Action Groups, Community Enterprise Centres etc. work ever more closely together to ensure that the local potential for entrepreneurship and job creation is realised,” she added.

Speaking on behalf of the LEOs, Mr Kieran Comerford, Head of Enterprise, LEO Carlow and Chairperson of the LEO Network said “The strong results across the range of LEO performance metrics is a clear indication that the LEOs are very much open for business and delivering a high-quality service for their clients. The results demonstrate that the LEO supports are making a significant impact in maximising the potential of fledgling or developing micro and small businesses. So, whether you need access to finance, core business training or advice and guidance on overcoming the challenges that all businesses face, drop into the Local Enterprise Office for your area where you can access the support you need”.  
Speaking on behalf of Local Authorities, Anna-Marie Delaney, Offaly Local Authority Chief Executive and Chair of the CCMA Committee on Economic Development & Enterprise said “The LEOs are playing a central role in local job creation nationwide as these results for 2016 clearly demonstrate. The suite of enterprise supports available to small and microenterprises and start-ups in every county provided through the LEOs complements the broader local economic development remit of the Local Authorities. I believe that with the LEOs in place, the Local Authorities are now better placed to encourage and support enterprise development.”

The LEO annual jobs survey monitors employment performance amongst micro enterprises employing 10 people or less that have received direct financial assistance through the LEOs. In 2016, 1,040 business projects around the country were directly supported by the LEOs to the value of €11.4 million.

A total of 40 LEO client companies transferred to the Enterprise Ireland portfolio during 2016, of which 32 were HPSU clients, representing a further positive outcome of LEO investment and support.

Alongside direct grant support, LEOs also supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses with training, mentoring and referral during 2016, aimed at developing business ideas and building company capacity. More than 27,600 people availed of training programmes facilitated by the LEOs nationwide, while almost 7,500 people benefited from one-to-one business mentoring.

During 2016, the LEOs were again to the forefront in supporting youth entrepreneurship, access to finance initiatives and getting more microenterprises doing business online. A record number of 1,842 young entrepreneurs participated in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE) investment programme in 2016; the LEOs guided 208 of their clients nationally in securing successful loan applications from Micro Finance Ireland (MFI); while a total of 1,161 micro businesses availed of the Trading Online Voucher Scheme through the LEOs last year.

Details on all the supports available for small businesses and microenterprises through the 31 LEOs are available at


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LEO employment results 2016

The LEO employment results for 2016, which were compiled by the Enterprise Ireland Centre of Excellence, using the same systems as applied to the Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland annual surveys, show that overall in 2016:

·        a total of 7,883 new jobs (full- and part-time) were created in gross terms.
·        taking into account losses, there was a net increase of 3,679 all jobs (full- and part-time)
·        overall at the end of 2016, total direct employment among 6,846 LEO client companies stood at 34,634 (of which 25,273 were full-time and 9,361 were part-time).

The detailed results at LEO level are set out in the attached Table 1.

The LEOs provided a range of development supports aimed at building company capacity and performance among the micro-enterprise sector; in 2016 they:

  •    paid out direct financial assistance to 1,040 business projects, to the value of €11.4m;
    ·        of these, 469 were priming grants for start-up companies.
    In addition to direct financial assistance, the LEOs supported an even wider cohort of entrepreneurs and small businesses in 2016 through: ·        provision of training to more than 27,600 participants;
    ·        provision of one-to-one mentoring support to almost 7,500 people;
    ·        433 referrals to Micro Finance Ireland of which 208 were approved; and
    ·        promoting the Trading Online Voucher Scheme with 1,161 businesses participating (

    Strengthening the pipeline of new business start-ups nationwide, the LEOs ran the Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE) competition for the third time in 2016, which generated 1,842 applicants from young people around the country.

    All of these initiatives are expected to make a contribution to the creation and maintenance of jobs in local communities all over the country in addition to those reported in the survey results.

LEO NAME 2016 No of LEO Clients 2016 Client

All Jobs Total

(FT & PT)*

2016 Gross

All Job Gains

(FT & PT)*

2016 Net

All Job Gains

(FT & PT)*

 Carlow            221           1,092            198 63
 Cavan            208           1,162            233 107
 Clare            197           1,110            338 173
 Cork city            122               633            128 123
 Cork South            188               977            242 142
 Cork West/North            240           1,393            343 155
 Donegal            183           1,358            364 250
 Dublin City            349           1,670            452 285
 Dublin DLR            229           1,308            342 166
 Dublin Fingal            192               831            275 140
 Dublin South            261           1,230            226 123
 Galway County/City            243               962            163 79
 Kerry            437           1,962            355 82
 Kildare            152               881            191 115
 Kilkenny            266           1,500            480 222
 Laois            102               485            102 37
 Leitrim            162               422            104 44
 Limerick            302           1,856            315 125
 Longford            242           1,061            213 102
 Louth            231               780            217 83
 Mayo            220           1,239            242 116
 Meath            207               927            200 85
 Monaghan            153               903            252 129
 Offaly            202               921            151 82
 Roscommon            155               704            121 40
 Sligo            215           1,095            227 38
 Tipperary            295           1,437            436 119
 Waterford            304           1,469            284 121
 Westmeath            265           1,375            283 106
 Wexford            187           1,192            197 103
 Wicklow            116               699            209 124
Total         6,846         34,634         7,883 3,679

Table 1:        Local Enterprise Office Annual Employment Survey Results 2016

* FT & PT = Full time and Part time