As Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol comes under scrutiny against a fear that the British government may trigger its revocation, an upcoming webinar focused on the impact Brexit has had on business, is very timely.

The webinar, which takes place on Thursday, 11 November from 10am – 11am, is being organised by the Chamber in association with PwC, and includes a case study from Ei Electronics. It will zone in on a wide range of issues associated with Brexit, most notably: what is working well and what difficulties companies are experiencing; the logistics journey and issues associated with the movement of goods through Irish and UK ports; Revenue activity and customs interventions; import VAT issues and correct accounting and; most importantly the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Key contributors to the webinar will include Eoin Gavin, owner of Eoin Gavin Transport and a director with Shannon Chamber; John O’Loughlin, partner, PwC Global Trade & Customs; and Mike Guinee, chairman and chief executive of Ei Electronics.

Each speaker will expand on the impact, if any, that Brexit has had on their business and share insights on topics of interest to business, most importantly, supply chain management, import procedures, VAT and correct accounting, direct ferries versus using the UK land bridge and, how a revocation of Article 16 might impact them, their customers and/or clients.

Expanding on the rationale for the webinar, Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes said: “This time last year we were anticipating the impact Brexit would have on business. There were a lot of issues in the early months and it will be interesting to see how these have been alleviated and what other issues businesses have encountered.”

Bookings for this Brexit-focused webinar can be made at The webinar takes place on Thursday, 11 November from 10am – 11am.