A3 Projects ‘Street Event’ New Element of Mid-West Lean Network Annual Conference

Applications Now Open…Time to enter

A key element of the Mid-West Lean Network’s annual conference in the University of Limerick is the inclusion of a Lean-related award. This year’s award, which is once again sponsored by LBS Partners, will go to the best A3 project ‘storyboard’ entered as part of a new ‘Street Event’ element of the day-long 2019 conference programme.

The ‘Street Event’ will include displays of A3 storyboards submitted by companies who have entered for the award. The winner will be chosen by Conference attendees via an electronic voting system on the day.

Shannon Chamber is now calling on companies, who are members of the Mid-West Lean Network, to submit an entry and give visibility to the great achievements their company is making through deploying lean principles and processes.

Launching the Award, the Chamber’s CEO Helen Downes said: “We are always seeking new ways to celebrate achievements in business and what better way to do this than to recognise the difference so many employees are making to their company’s performance. The A3 project storyboard is a process within lean whereby a solution is sought for an identified problem within an organisation; each milestone is recorded, and the overall benefit derived quantified.

“We are now seeking entries for this new award. The ten (10) best posters submitted in terms of process and results attained will be shortlisted by an adjudicating committee of lean experts. They will then be displayed as a ‘street event’ at the conference with attendees getting the opportunity to visit and be briefed on each displayed entry. The winner will be selected by the conference audience through an interactive, online voting system in the auditorium.

“All workshops run to date, as part of the Mid-West Lean Network’s annual programme of events, have been completely booked out as the uptake of lean within the Mid-West is increasing. We expect companies will avail of this great opportunity to put the spotlight on the great strides their lean teams are making. Our judges will be kept busy this autumn, but in a very rewarding way,” added Ms Downes.

To enter the A3 posters Award, companies must:

  1. Submit their company name and project title to admin@shannonchamber.ie on/before Tuesday, 10 September 2019 to receive an Application form.
  2. Complete the Application form and return to admin@shannonchamber.ie on/before Friday, 27 September 2019.
  3. The final 10 shortlisted entries will then be invited to participate in the Conference ‘Street Event’ through having their team attend on the day to present their project. The ‘Street Event’ display posters will be prepared as A1 display boards by the organising committee using the content entered by each individual company as part of their award entry.