450 Jobs Boost Confirms West of Ireland’s Attractiveness to Foreign Direct Investment…Shannon Chamber

“Recent jobs announcements involving Wipro, AMAX and Zimmer confirm the continuing role the West of Ireland can play in attracting Foreign Direct Investment to Ireland,” said Shannon Chamber chief executive Helen Downes commenting on the importance of promoting western locations to enquiring new investment.

“While the three companies choose their respective locations for corporate specific reasons – Wipro to expand its existing Shannon workforce; AMAX to establish a European presence; and Zimmer to set up a second base in Ireland – each cited the existence of an excellent talent pool and a great work-life balance as key influencers to their ultimate decision to invest in Shannon, and in Zimmer’s case to add a second location in Ireland, at Galway, thereby creating synergies between its two west of Ireland plants.

“Jobs announcement of this magnitude bring a double benefit to the local economy through their requiring local professional and operational services. Shannon Chamber thanks each company individually for the contribution they are making to employment in Shannon and Galway; IDA Ireland for their supporting the creation of these new and additional jobs; and the CREGG Group for commissioning a building at Shannon to facilitate a speedy ramp-up for AMAX.  It’s a great start to a new year and we look forward to maintaining a close collaboration with IDA and Shannon Airport  to extol the attributes of Shannon to inbound investment itineraries,” added Ms Downes.
Release issued by Dympna O’Callaghan, molly d marketing

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