WrxFlo Limited

With advances in Industry 4.0 technology, WrxFlo have built an Industry 4.0 SaaS platform that processes live data from endpoints, such as factory machines, ERP or Software applications and provides real-time process insights ensuring business value is created. WrxFlo, a data processing & analytics platform makes intelligent decisions based good quality source data enabling People and Process with Technology. Using their past Lean & Technology Experience, WrxFlo start by clearly understanding the problem and then align people process & technology to deliver a connected end-to-end solution.

WrxFlo make the complex easy to understand. The founders built WrxFlo as the tool they wish they had when they designed and ran global manufacturing facilities. It drives automated actions and accountability to ensure that value is delivered. WrxFlo use their experience to not only deliver Industry 4.0 solutions but also help customers deliver the results and business value from their investment.


Enabling business to achieve greater levels of process efficiency through Lean Industry 4.0. Process equipment and
application connectivity, Data analytics, IoT, Digital Transformation, End-to-End connected processes and systems.

AddressNexus Innovation Centre
Tierney Building
Telephone061 572 206