Chemifloc Ltd.

Chemifloc was founded in 1981 and began manufacturing Mannich type Polyelectrolyte, used for dewatering wastewater sludge, in 1982. Also in that year it became the agent for SNF Floerger, a manufacturer of a wide range of Polyelectrolytes for a variety of water and industrial applications.

In 1991 Chemifloc was awarded the National Contract for the Supply of Fluosilicic Acid and which it held for a number of years. In 1996 ICI, the owners of E&A West, decided to withdraw from Uisce Glan Teo and Chemifloc became the sole owner. Site restrictions at Spiddal prompted Chemifloc to set up a new production facility in Shannon for the manufacture of Alum. A heavy investment in the new plant was made in 1998 and along with Alum the company began producing Ferric Nitrate used for septicity control in wastewater applications and also used in the Photographic Industry.

The company continued to grow and expand its markets. In 2001 uncertainty about the security of supply, induced it to examine the feasibility of producing Ferric Sulfate. A decision to proceed with this was taken in 2002 and with plant installed production of Ferric Sulfate began. Thus the Shannon facility manufactures, the Aluminium and Ferric Sulfates; Ferric Nitrate and Blended Inorganic Coagulants. The company continues with its R & D program and it is envisaged that additional products will come on stream in the next year or two. These will include Organic/Inorganic Blends for water treatment as well as additional Aluminium and Iron Salts.

Since its foundation Chemifloc has always concentrated on service and quality to the customer. In 2002 it achieved the ISO9001 quality standard. The company has always had a team of highly experienced Technical Service Experts to provide backup to the customer. This allows the customer to optimise the use of the chemicals for the particular application. Our Technical Service people carry out Bench Scale Tests and Field Trials to solve the customer’s problem. The wide range of products we supply ensures that the customers get the best, cost performance solution for the application.

The company will continue to expand its range of products; to provide an unequalled service to customers; to give the best value for money.

AddressSmithstown Ind Est
Co Clare