BD Learning


1.Training Needs Analysis

  • Do you need support identifying and managing your training needs?

Using a tried and tested framework we provide a ‘one stop shop’ to identify your learning and development needs, source training vendors and interface with Skillnet organisations.

  • Mission Critical Learning Needs Identification?

We provide a ‘strategic’ learning needs analysis service to identify mission critical needs  to ensure delivery of your future business strategy.

  • Looking to improve? Feedback on your existing Training Needs Analysis Process

We provide an evaluation service to identify ‘Strengths’ and ‘Areas for Improvement’ of existing learning and development processes.


2. Digitisation Assessment

The pace of change is increasing with digitalisation playing a significant role. Organisations can take advantage of new digital technologies to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. BD Learning supports organisations to evaluate their current digital readiness and identify opportunities for digitalisations.


3. Operational Excellence Framework for successful deployment of continuous improvement in the organisation

Continuous improvement is essential in remaining competitive and a foundation for future success. BD Learning utilises a tried and trusted framework to support the establishment of Operational Excellence Goals, reinforce a Culture of Continuous Improvement, and drive the use of improvement tools and techniques. Team facilitation can also be provided as required.


4. Strategic Planning and Strategy Deployment 

Clarity on the future direction of an organisation is an important element in ongoing business decision making. BD Learning supports organisations with a fundamental strategic planning process and facilitates strategic thinking and strategy formulation. Digitalisation has created new business model opportunities which can also be explored.

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