Mid-West Lean Network Workshop 6: AMCS Group and their Lean Journey

  • Event: Mid-West Lean Network Workshop 6: AMCS Group and their Lean Journey
  • Date: 27/11/2020
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Venue: Online, Online, Online,
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Workshop #6 in the Mid-West Lean Network’s 2020 schedule, which takes place online, will focus on:

AMCS’ process of introducing Lean and Lean culture to their organisation.

AMCS (www.amcsgroup.com)  provide a platform that enables established waste & recycling companies to operate smarter, more seamlessly and more digitally through an ultra-modern, scalable platform that marries industry specific software with best-in-class optimisation capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity and on-vehicle technologies.

Rapid growth accompanied by increasing employee levels led  AMCS to look internally at its systems, processes and people and to examine ways of working smarter and more productively.

This zeal for global efficiency was the seed that prompted AMCS’s Lean journey.  A lot has been achieved since Lean objectives were set in October 2019 and, despite embarking on this new path in a year of global lockdowns and a requirement to work remotely, the team in AMCS have managed to instil a lean culture and gain team engagement with outstanding results.


Join this Webinar, organised by the Mid-West Lean Network, to learn how Lean has helped AMCS to move from constant firefighting and managing the whirlwind of day-to-day operations to working smarter and achieving better results.

This session is Free of Charge, but registrations is essential. 

Link to join webinar CLICK HERE


The Mid-West Lean Network: the second largest regional lean network in Ireland, after Waterford Institute of Technology’s Lean Enterprise Excellence Group, launched in November, was set up to strengthen and increase the existing culture of lean within the Shannon and the wider Mid-West region. Its aim is to enable each industry to broaden and strengthen their competitiveness through knowledge sharing and bench-marking against each other and different industries.