Nollaig O Sullivan Performance

I am one of only 22 accredited Performance Psychologist in Ireland, and I have over 10 years’ experience and education within the field of increasing and enhancing performance through psychological research and evidence in the workplace and also in the sporting arena and physical activity. Ensuring the physical and mental health and wellbeing of people is the key cornerstone to increasing performance in all areas.
As a Performance Psychologist, this allows me to explore a number of different avenues and areas but also in having the advantage that each area loops back into the original field of behaviour change and psychology, so each area compliments another. I work in an array of areas from creating and delivering community and County-based strategic plans, to workplace wellbeing and sporting and physical activity performance. My expertise lies in my knowledge in research methods and linking this with psychological evidence around health and wellbeing to creating strategic plans or health and wellbeing programmes that benefit individuals, workplaces and communities.

Address19 An Garran
Ard na Deirge
Co. Clare
Telephone085 1608236