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Leeuwenhoek offers health screening by age/ gender, or by disease/ condition, or tailored to your specific needs. Blood taking, laboratory testing and analysis all happen in-house in compliance with strict quality and competency standards and regulations. Customers receive a personal report that contains a meaningful interpretation of results in plain English. No waiting times, open early mornings and Saturdays, no need for doctor’s referral.


Our Screening service includes:

(blood drawing) at our –or- your premises if adequate arrangements can be made

In-house analysis of samples
Analysis of samples performed at our premises in Ennis using state-of-the-art equipment and within a strict quality system
Professional review and evaluation
Test results are reviewed and evaluated by our registered medical scientist

Reporting of results with their interpretation and recommendations
Interpretation and recommendations are in plain English. The report can be personally collected, posted and/or e-mailed (password protected) to your employee

Aftercare – we gladly provide personal clarification of results and advise if needed ensuring that your employee understand their results and takes follow-up actions where required

Health Screening Packages for walk-in customers:
Children/ Youth Health Screening
Women Health Screening
Men Health Screening
Diseases and conditions:
Allergy and Asthma Health Screening
Bone Health Screening
Cardiovascular disease Health Screening
Coeliac Disease Health Screening
Diabetes Health Screening
Fatigue Health Screening
Fertility Health Screening
Haemochromatosis Health Screening
Inflammation & Autoimmunity Health Screening
Menopause Health Screening
Nutrition Health Screening
Ovarian Cancer Screening
Pregnancy Health Screening
Prostate Health Screening
Thyroid Health Screening

Corporate Wellness Health Screening
What we can do for you?
Is absenteeism due to illness affecting the productivity of your business? Finding it difficult to meet absenteeism targets? Why not take a different approach by helping your employees to be more aware of their health allowing them to be more proactive in improving their health and lifestyle

At Leeuwenhoek, we are passionate about making customers health aware and we are proud to now offer a range of Corporate Wellness Screening packages. These packages are carefully designed to assess health status of your employees and to ultimately reduce health care costs, absenteeism and of course, improve your employees’ overall wellbeing.

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