NGS Products

NGS was founded 1986 as a metal fabrication business. As the company grew, it expanded into many areas of metal manufacture and installation, and in the early 2000’s built a very strong process engineering team. The company has become a market leader in design, manufacture, and installation of production assembly lines and industrial furniture.

NGS has continually developed and upgraded our metal fabrication capability. We supply fabrications, robotic solutions and process automation to companies in the Pharmaceutical sector in Europe, USA, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, South America, Canada and Australia.

In 2012, NGS Cleanroom Environments was established. The company has since developed a very successful clean room division specialising in the design, specification and construction of modular clean rooms, pharmaceutical grade cleanrooms and other controlled environments.

NGS has a proud record of service to local, national and international clients for 35 years.


Medium/high volume sheet metal fabrication. (Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Mild Steel)
Design, manufacture, and installation of industrial furniture.
Design, specification, construction, and installation of modular clean rooms.
Powder Coating

AddressE2 Smithstown Industrial Estate
Co. Clare