Granitize Europe

Granitize Europe has been distributing the Granitize range of aircraft surface protection, presentation, cleaning and
restoration products since 2003. We have been bringing the famed Granitize range to the aviation industry across Europe,
the Middle East, Africa and beyond. Our product range extends to automotive, marine, industry and domestic markets also
and we will be building these sectors over the coming months.
Granitize has been manufacturing quality chemicals, polishes and waxes for over 80 years under the Granitize name in
California, USA. Over the years, the development of new products has taken us to offer items for the care, cleaning and
protection of aircraft, cars, boats, RV’s, kitchen and bathroom surface care and OEM mold release under the names
Granitize, Gel-Gloss, Gel-Gloss RV, Sea power and TR Industries.


Distribution of the industry leading Granitize range of aviation, automotive, marine and general industry products for:
– Corrosion prevention
– Surface protection, enhancement and restoration
– Cleaners, degreasers
– Wet wash/Dry Wash/Polishes
– Surface preparation

AddressAn Grianán, Brickhill West, Cratloe, Co. Clare