Bendash Managed Services Ltd.

Bendash is an end to end solutions driven provider for the B2B market.

Bendash is a business that specialises in helping companies meet their changing needs quickly and cost effectively, freeing up your limited time and resources so you can focus on the important things. Whether it is providing an excellent deal on a server, a custom build on a laptop, or providing after sale service, we aim to exceed your every expectation.

We supply top quality and cost effective branded hardware and software solutions that work for your business, by partnering with multiple market leaders in the technology sector and understanding how their products can complement each other.

We pride ourselves on providing a full end to end solution for our customers. We understand that the customer’s journey isn’t over once an order has been filled. We do everything we can to make the customer feel valued before, during and after every interaction – no requirement is too small.

We understand that customers don’t owe you their loyalty, but we believe that having an effective customer retention program will give you the ability to identify, track, and custom promote to customers who are most likely to become loyal, long-term brand ambassadors.

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AddressMain Street
Co. Clare