Shannon Chamber to Represent Mid-West Chambers in Chambers Ireland Pre Budget 2018 Submission

Chambers Ireland is currently in the process of drafting its Pre Budget 2018 Submission in consultation with the Chamber Network.


In order to engage with the Network on this submission, Chambers Ireland invited eight regional representatives to sit on this group along with members of the PA Forum in order to discuss and formulate the recommendations that will be contained in Chambers Ireland’s Pre Budget 2018 Submission. The representatives were selected on the basis that they already act as representatives of their region on the Regional Action Plan for Jobs or the Regional Skills Forum.

Shannon Chamber is one of the eight regional Chambers on this group via director Ian Barrett, who will act a representative and communicator for the Chambers in the Mid-West region.

We invite members to forward their views on what should be included in Chambers Ireland Pre Budget 2018 submission to or directly to Ian Barrett at